Saturday, August 20, 2011

Corbin Young - Songs to Make You Famous (Poly014)

It's been a over a year since a recent Corbin Young recording has surfaced. Now he's got a new guitar, drums, and a motive. It's Songs to Make You Famous. Four tracks plus an older recording of Introspective Talk if you download the entire album off bandcamp.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jupiter House Highlights

For our first live show in Denton things went pretty well. Jill Bates, the "dark horse" opener for the band performed exceptionally for it being her first live performance. Lauren and the band rocked some faces off, though it felt a little out of place for the venue (oh well!). Great show with photography by Jon Huey and Jill on video. The band is gearing up for another Denton show hopefully in September. If you didn't make it to that one, I ask you to consider making it to the next one.

Opener Jill Bates: setting the mood and being awesome.

The Band: (Left to Right) Paige Thompson, Corbin Young, Eric Saffle, and Lauren