A former member of Stylish Headphones, Milady, Broderick went solo in order to have more creative control over his projects.  The founder of Polydactyl Records, Broderick has released the most material on the label including the albums Florescent Light Fortina and More than Construction, the EPs Harvest Peach, Am I A Meme Yet?, and Some Sweet Tracks, as well as multiple singles.  He is also the mastermind behind the Nougats and Garagefest compilations.  Broderick’s vocal talents are often compared to those of Lou Reed while his producing techniques cause many to compare him to Phil Spector.  He most recently worked with Lauren Moseley on the production of a handful of tracks for her latest release, Kissingerology.  He plays a wide range of instruments including the bass guitar, banjo, electric guitar, accordion, organ, glockenspiel, keyboard, and drums.  A veteran crate crawler, Broderick lives for the moment of pure bliss that accompanies the act of finding a rare album in a rare place.  He typically writes songs about sex, loneliness, and Madonna but also writes about vinyl at Clearance Records

 Related to Broderick Young by a technicality, Corbin is also a core member of Polydactyl and oversees such operations as burning cds and scheduling shows at local venues.  A former member of Scorched Earth and the Revolution, Corbin typically plays solo or the “Corbin and the Loners” trio.  Corbin has released the album Directions From I Don’t Know Where, the EP Alone in a Room With a Guitar, a handful of singles, and is prominent on both the Nougats and Garagefest compilations.  He recently honed his skills as a producer on Lauren Moseley’s debut album, Kissingerology.  Corbin is the artist on Polydactyl most likely to be seen play live, and is known for his hour-long encores and being able to leave a venue during a show while still holding the audience’s attention.  Corbin plays many instruments including acoustic, electric, bass, and classical guitars, as well as drums, kazoo, and shoe.  He writes songs about aliens and Buster Bluth, and can play almost any song from memory even if he’s never heard it

 Lauren Moseley is the newest member of Polydactyl.  She began working with the label when she contributed four songs to the Nougats compilation and danced psychotically at Garagefest.  Recently she branched out with her debut album, Kissingerology.  She hopes to bring an edge of intensity to the floundering genre of singer-songwriter and usually writes songs with odd measures that are annoying to play along with but not really noticeable to the average listener.  She also possesses the unyielding habit of writing blatantly open songs about fellow artists on Polydactyl.  However, most of her work is inspired by galaxies far, far away.  She is surprisingly good at Star Wars Epic Duels and surprisingly bad at everyday activities.

Also a former member of Stylish Headphones, Milady, Chris’ influence is unmistakable on projects such as Nougats, Garagefest, the Polydactyl Sampler, and select albums that he produced for both Broderick and Corbin.  Chris still makes regular appearances on Polydactyl as mixmaster and studio musician, but has released his most recent material on Polydactyl’s sister label, The Daily Brothers.

 Paige is the creative vision behind much of Polydactyl artwork including a handful of album covers, event posters, and the Polydactyl Records logo!  Paige also plays flute and shaker as part of the Corbin and the Loners trio and attends Polydactyl-sponsered ultimate frisbee matches.