Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lauren Moseley Show highlights

opener Julia Greuner (sitar)

the band (in front Corbin Lauren and Will, in back Paige and Eric)

The Show at Play Pause Replay was a Success, at least in my opinion. Julia Greuner opened for Lauren with Sitar fury and the closers were a variety of people ranging from Corbin and Broderick Young as well as some random guy in the audience joined in for a menagerie of covers from guided by voices, Beck, and also original work from Broderick's up and coming solo album. the set list for the show was
3. Double Nickels
4. Hold On
5. Bobby Fischer
6. Honey, Please
7. Oklahoma
8. Hometown
9. A life in Vain
10. Jailbait
11. Thought I Saw
12. Hell
14. Devils in the Snow
15. Wet Dreams
16. Postcards
17. Nausea
18. Home
Proposed songs for Corbin's closing section
Little Whirl (GBV)
The Wagon (Dinosaur Jr)
Game of Pricks (GBV)
Magic Alarm Clock (original)

Thanks to all who came and all who bought CDs.
Photos by Tory Warner Photography

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