Saturday, March 31, 2012

(3rd) Roots Show Recap

Our last show at Roots was an interesting mix of a small, but energetic crowd, three acts including Broderick Young who was called to replace Megan Storie with only five hours notice, insane hand percussion arrangements, duets/guest artists, and much more! With Chris Daily making his first solo, acoustic performance in two years, it was really great to see him live in this rare opportunity. Corbin Young finished out the show, starting with an unrehearsed duet with Chris ("Return to Sender") and ending with some fan favorite sing-a-longs. Lauren Moseley also sang her song "Hometown" with Corbin playing rhythm guitar.

Set lists:

Broderick Young
Cast A Shadow (Beat Happening)
Can't Come In
I want you
then joined by Chris Daily for
Lover's Complaint
Three Weeks
and Voice Mail Concert

Chris Daily
The Honor System
There She Sits
Don't Let Your Delia Go Down
This is How I Sleep at Night
Saturday Morning
You Don't Know Me (Eddy Arnold/Cindy Walker)
Return to Sender (C. Young) (duet w/ Corbin Young)

Corbin Young
On Yer Chaine (Golden Arrow Holy Face)
Better Daze (J. Daily)
Oh You (J. Daily)
Second Thoughts
The Power of Disease
Hometown (L.Moseley) (duet w/Lauren Moseley)
Song to Surrender
Great Decay
Orange Cake Mix (Tullycraft)
Hey Brittany! (B. Young)

Photos and new background image by Jon Huey Photography, special thanks to all those who attended, and thanks to all of those who wished they could

Friday, March 23, 2012

The story behind the Mix Tape

A sound collage that Broderick made is being released through Teflon Beast. More details here:

"Here's how it happened. Chris told me about this time he was doing a four track recording and the tape broke. He said he just used scotch tape to fix it. He told me that on one of his tapes he took bits from other older tapes and put them together at the end of a song. So it got me thinking, what if it was all just that? So I bought a couple of tapes from the 99 cent store and got to work. It took me a couple of months to get everything working. I had to use a couple to get the casings. There are some with screws and others that are just a single piece of plastic. Anyways, after a while I got tired so I started recording in audacity. I would take a tape player and hook it up to my computer and hit record. however, the tape kept on getting jammed up. I don't think I knew why at the time, but I'm pretty sure that the tape was crooked. Anyways, after about 4 players died, and three run-throughs of Billy Ray Cyrus' documentary on Red Necks (thanks history channel), the Mix Tape was born. I burned 5 copies, and the next day I hid them around school, leaving them on window sills, or in class rooms, or in lockers. However, I'm pretty sure 4 of them ended up in the trash, but that's life!"

POLY016 -- Turn Up the Bass by DJ Bezoar

Before there was Solo Albums, before there was Stylish Headphones, Milady, there was DJ Bezoar.

Some of them are hard to listen to, some of them are interesting. Enjoy!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Turn up the bass?

In interest of having all of the material covered by Chris in this last release, I will be uploading a collection of early Broderick Young material. Almost all of it was written using a program called Fruity Loops so it's electronic and a little repetitive, but it will give you an idea of how it all began.

So welcome DJ Bezoar.

Art Six Recap

Megan and Corbin performing Lauren Moseley's "Alabaster"

Gabe (Megan's backup multi-instrumentalist) and Megan

Great show by Corbin Young and Denton's indie-folk spectacular Megan Storie. Megan opened up with her title track "Tie" with fellow musician Gabe backing on electric guitar with banjo and sleigh bells to follow. Corbin in his one man band blasted distorted jams and witty lyrics. The re-occurring encore "Chontell Waters" was requested as expected from some of the polydactyl regulars. We had Jon Huey on Photo duty as well as THREE cameras filming the show. Video will be posted as soon as it is edited by friend of the band and videographer Maddline Luft so watch this post for embedded videos whenever I get them. Also don't forget Megan, Corbin, and Chris Daily will all be playing at Roots Coffeehouse in North Richland Hills on Saturday, March 24th at 8pm. Thanks to all the people who helped get the show together and all those who came to enjoy it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

POLY015 -- Teflon Beast Presents Chris Daily Presents Polydactyl Records Presents Chris Daily


Chris has been nice enough to give us a collection of covers from Polydactyl artists. Some have been released, some haven't, some are new and some are old. Enjoy!